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Admissions & Discharge

Check In and Out With Ease by Following These Procedures

In order to minimize the time spent in admissions, patients at East Jefferson General Hospital pre-register. So, prior to being admitted to the hospital for a scheduled procedure, patients will have spoken with their physician, nurse or the Pre-surgical Evaluation Center in regards to food and liquid restrictions or other pre-surgical requirements and will have filled out all of the necessary paperwork.

Depending on the department administering the procedure, patients may be asked to give additional information pertaining to medical history, food and medication allergies, current medications, etc.

In order to ensure safety, East Jefferson General Hospital asks patients admitted into the hospital to bring the following:

  • A photo identification card
  • Insurance cards
  • Their physician order, unless it has been faxed by the physician’s office or no order was issued

Patients should also be prepared to provide contact information, a social security number, emergency notification information, and Medicare information, if it applies.

East Jefferson General Hospital Security will be happy to catalog and place any valuables our patients have in a locked, safe box until they are able to retrieve their items.

For questions about pre-registration or scheduling please call:

Advance Directives

An advance directive is a document that allows patients to make healthcare treatment decisions about certain care they wish to accept or refuse if they later are unable to communicate or make treatment decisions for themselves. It can also designate another person to make decisions about their care if the patient is unable. The document may also be called a living will or medical power of attorney.

Federal law requires the hospital to notify all patients of the availability of advance directives. Advance directives are recognized under Louisiana state law.

If you have an advance directive, or wish to create one, a copy will be placed in your medical record and your physician will be notified.


Once your physician has ordered your discharge, your nurse will provide written instructions for your care at home. He or she will review these documents with you and your family before you leave the hospital.

If you have received authorization for Express Checkout, you may leave the hospital. Please arrange to leave the hospital as early in the day as possible, preferably by 11 am. This reduces the delay in admission that is sometimes experienced by Emergency Room patients.

Please be sure you have all your personal belongings with you before you leave the hospital. Check the bathroom, drawers and closet. If you have stored items with Safety and Security, call 504.503.4059 to retrieve them.

If you would like wheelchair assistance when leaving, call Patient Transport at 504.503.3544 and notify your nurse when you are leaving.