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East Jefferson Breast Care

  • Category: East Jefferson General Hospital
  • Location Type: Specialty Care

About this Location

Welcome to the Breast Care 

At the Breast Care Center, we’re dedicated to providing fast, accurate test results and personalized care in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. From your personal breast care nurse to an approach that encourages faster diagnosis and treatment, the Breast Care Center strives to make patients’ mammograms and follow-up care as anxiety free and pleasant as possible.

Some of the state-of-the-art technologies and procedures performed at the Breast Care include the following:

  • Digital and 3-D Mammography
    • Allows for imaging of the breast from multiple angles. This can significantly increase the accuracy of mammography, especially for women who are premenopausal, women with dense breasts or those with increased risk factors.
    • Read and performed by radiologists specialized in breast health and certified by the American College of Radiology in mammography
  • Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)
    • Used with digital scans to provide a computerized second reading in addition to the traditional reading by the radiologist.
  • Breast Ultrasound including elastography
  • Breast MRI
  • Cyst Aspiration
  • Stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI guided needle biopsies
  • Ductograms
  • Needle Localization for Surgical Biopsy