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EJGH Nurse Tech Program: 10-Week Pathway to Excellence

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The East Jefferson General Hospital Nurse Tech Program is a 10-week, all-encompassing clinical course guiding the nurses of tomorrow down the pathway to excellence.

Accepting only the best-of-the-best from nursing schools around the region, the program runs for 36 hours per week over the 10-week span, covering 11 different critical areas of care from across the hospital.

This past session’s highlights included:

  • Intensive screening process
  • Over 100 applicants submitted
  • Seven different nursing schools in Louisiana and Mississippi represented
  • Each tech applicant had two or three interviews in pre-selected areas of interest
  • 11 different nursing units participated in the program (Step Down CCU, Step Down ICU, Stroke Unit, Critical Care, ED, Woman and Newborn, GU/GI, Ortho/Neuro, Post-Acute, Oncology, & Surgery)
  • Rapid selection process; decisions made and applicants notified within 48 hours
  • Selected over 50 candidates
  • Junior and Senior nurse techs accepted
  • 16 different “Observation sites” strategically assigned to techs for educational enrichment
  • Committed hours-24 or 36 per week for Junior/Senior nurse techs
  • Individualized orientation curriculum with over 24 hours nurse-led orientation
  • Robust training didactic curriculum with over 24 hours of nurse-led interactive training and NCLEX review
  • CV and Resume enhancing educational opportunities throughout the 10 Weeks


  • 100% of nurse techs offered and accepted PRN nurse tech roles on units of hire
  • Programs from previous years have had > 50% retention of new grads (who participated in the nurse tech program) through 18 months of hire.

What our participants had to say:

“I was amazed that the program had education days. Other tech programs at other hospitals just train you as a CNA. East Jefferson took the next step and treated us as actual students, and by having educational days, it prepared us for the nursing profession.” – Randa Ritter

“I was able to learn more than what I was taught in school. The staffs from every part of the hospital were patient and friendly. They were also very willing to thoroughly explain what they do in certain situations and why they do it rather than just give basic details.” – Linda Nguyen

“I really enjoyed the Nurse Tech Program, I learned so much in just one summer. It will definitely help me be more prepared when I graduate.” – Lana Monsour

“This is a great, unique program! I would recommend it to any nursing student who wants to feel more comfortable in the hospital setting.” – Beth Demoruelle

“I feel much more confident heading back into my clinical experience. I feel like I was able to understand the nurse-patient relationship so much better and truly observe and assist in what it is like to be a real nurse.” – Sarah Moreau

“This was a great experience that gave me more confidence in myself and in my nursing skills.” – Taylor LeBlanc

“I was beyond impressed with this program. I would highly recommend it to any nursing student. Very organized and goal-oriented.” – Brielle Bordes

“This program was great and I am so glad that I participated! I feel like I will go into this next semester of nursing school with greater confidence and more skills! East Jefferson really cares about teaching future nurses and instilling compassion and experience in their student nurses!” – Moriah Kissinger

“The nurse tech experience was exceptional. I’ve learned so much invaluable information about the nursing field over this summer. The information I learned will definitely be an asset for the rest of my nursing career!” – Kaliah Wicker

“The overall experience was wonderful and I am forever grateful that I had the chance to work for a hospital that shared the same values that I have.” – Maria Gusman

Check for updates on our next available Nurse Tech Program.

For more information, contact Sandra Oster, Talent Acquisition Department Nurse Recruiter, at 504-503-4455.