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Mumps Outbreak in Louisiana Prompts Precautions

The Louisiana Office of Public Health has issued a clinical advisory for mumps in Louisiana. There has been a large outbreak of mumps in Arkansas, and as of Wednesday, there were 12 cases reported in Louisiana.

“Our Louisiana culture is rich with festivals and celebrations including many scheduled for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. Large gatherings create an environment where germs and contagious illnesses spread easily,” said Dr. Jimmy Guidry, State Health Officer, LDH. “This is a great time to remind everyone to take proper precautions to avoid getting sick.”

The most recognizable symptom of mumps is parotitis. Other symptoms include fever, headache, earache, muscle or joint pain, painful swelling of the testicles (orchitis) in men, and swelling of the ovaries (oophoritis) in women, causing abdominal pain. Mumps vaccination is only 88% effective, so mumps should be suspected in individuals meeting the clinical case definition even with a history of MMR vaccination.

Healthcare providers should consider mumps in patients presenting with the above symptoms, but should also test for influenza, as influenza is currently widespread in Louisiana. If healthcare providers suspect mumps, a buccal swab should be collected for RT-PCR testing. If a patient is clinically diagnosed with mumps, regardless of laboratory testing, the case must be reported immediately to the Office of Public Health by calling 800-256-2748.

If a patient is hospitalized with mumps droplets precautions must be instituted.

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