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Senior Care

Senior Friendly Emergency Services

At Lakeside Hospital, seniority matters! In fact, Lakeview Regional recently built a new emergency department with seniors aged 65 and over in mind. It was designed to provide an improved experience tailored to the physical, psychological and social complexities of the senior population of St. Tammany Parish. Our team of caring and compassionate staff has been specially trained in geriatric medicine to ensure they deliver the highest-quality senior emergency care.

Elderly woman and doctor

Features and capabilities of the senior friendly ER provide comfort, safety and excellent care, including:

  • 24/7 coverage by emergency medicine board-certified physicians
  • with specialty training in geriatrics
  • Innovative balance program
  • Specially designed exam rooms with softer lighting and larger clocks
  • Non-skid flooring for patient safety
  • Specialized care for falls
  • Hearing and visual aids
  • State-of-the-art cardiac monitoring
  • Collaboration with patient’s primary care provider

When specialty or follow-up care is needed, we have a comprehensive list of experts within the Northshore community and in collaboration with Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans.

A matter of balance – concerns about falls

Doctor assisting elderly woman

A Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. This program emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls. Managing Concerns About Falls is a program that is evidence based on Fear of Falling promoted by the National Council on Aging. A Matter of Balance is an 8-week (eight 2-hour sessions) structured group intervention that emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fears of falling and increase activity levels. Many older adults experience concerns about falling and restrict activities.

For more information or to participate please call 985.867.3900 or register online.

Classes help participants learn to:

  • View falls and fear of falling as controllable
  • Set realistic goals for increasing activity
  • Change their environment to reduce fall risk factors
  • Promote exercise to increase strength and balance

Designed to benefit community-dwelling older adults who:

  • Are concerned about falls
  • Have sustained a fall in the past
  • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling
  • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength

Holding on support railing

A Matter of Balance outcomes at 6 months:

Participant satisfaction:

  • 97% are more comfortable talking about fear of falling
  • 97% feel comfortable increasing activity
  • 99% plan to continue exercising
  • 98% would recommend A Matter of Balance

Participant improvement:

  • Falls efficacy
  • Falls management
  • Falls control
  • Exercise level
  • Monthly falls