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Pediatric Emergencies

Children’s Emergency Room Serving St. Tammany Parish

Our hospital provides specialized treatment for pediatric patients who have unique needs. If your child is suffering from an emergency, our facility is equipped to deliver exceptional 24 hour care, 365 days a year.

We have participated in the Pediatric Readiness Project and received a score of 98 with 100 being the highest attainable score.

Pediatric ER services

At Lakeview Hospital , we understand that every child entering our ER will have different treatment needs. That is why we provide a number of medical services that may be required after pediatric patients have been treated in our emergency room, including pediatric imaging and pediatric rehabilitation. We also provide pediatric surgery in specialized cases. While recovering in our pediatric unit, our younger patients will receive family-centered care in our comfortable, colorful pediatric unit.

When to go to the ER

In the event of an emergency, if urgent care is needed for your child, call 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room immediately.

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Common injuries and issues include head trauma, severe bleeding, breathing problems, seizures and broken bones. All of the aforementioned are serious medical issues our doctors and nurses treat on a regular basis.

If your child has a fever for more than 48 hours, have them checked by a medical professional. Never give your child Aspirin for a fever. You can administer acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil), following the weight-appropriate dosage listed on the medication packaging, as well as on Lakeview Hospital ’s dosage chart.

Why choose Lakeview Hospital

In a medical emergency, every second counts. Our team of board-certified physicians and registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When patients arrive, we provide rapid medical evaluations that have been shown to reduce wait time. As for medical service, our hospital has been recognized by independent organizations as one of the top performers for certain medical conditions, including heart attack, surgical care, and children's asthma.

Pediatric readiness

As a national initiative coordinated by the federal Emergency Medical Services for Children Program (EMSC), the National Pediatric Readiness Project scores emergency departments based on their readiness to provide fast and effective emergency care for children. The score for our children's ER exceeds the national average, even given the volume of children treated.

Lakeview Hospital 98%
National Average 69%

Visit us in an emergency

No parent can ever be completely prepared for a medical emergency involving their child. Lakeview Hospital is here to make things easier by giving parents access to the urgent medical care their kids need in the event of an emergency.