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The Foundation is an independent 501c3 nonprofit partner that raises funds through public, private, and corporate donations, special events, sponsorship and more. Donations are restricted to support the patients and Foundation programs and services at University Medical Center.


Your tax-deductible support of our life-changing services is truly impactful!

  • 3 Wishes Fund – This program aims to improve the quality of the dying experience for patients and their families by fulfilling 3 wishes of the patient in the last moments of their life. Support helps build an inventory of items that can be offered to patients and their families to celebrate patients’ lives and support those left behind in grief.
  • Bariatric Program – Funding supports the programs and services of the multi-disciplinary team dedicated to helping our patients achieve their weight loss goals.
  • Burn Center – This fund advances burn care in our community and region through burn related program development, including survivor care, outreach, education, burn research & conferences, and enhancement of the patient experience at University Medical Center.
  • Cancer Care – This fund helps our Cancer Center patients that meet financial assistance requirements purchase prescriptions, nutritional supplements, treatment supplies, respiratory equipment, durable medical supplies and transportation to and from cancer treatment appointments.
  • Forensics Program – Funding helps assist survivors of sexual assault and violence in New Orleans by providing 24/7 trauma informed care in a safe environment after an assault.
  • GeauxHealth! – This fund supports the efforts of volunteer LSU and Tulane residents and students to maintain and expand an online community healthcare resources directory for both patients and providers most of which are low cost or free options.
  • General Foundation Fund – Unrestricted funds that the Foundation utilizes for the area of greatest need within its outreach, programs and services at University Medical Center.
  • Gun Violence & Injury Prevention Program – This fund supports UMC's mission to decrease the devastating effects of gun violence within our community. The programs include efforts to support the community and reduce risk factors related to gun violence, to reduce accidental firearms injuries, and change cultural norms regarding gun violence and its consequences through community-based outreach and in-hospital programs.
  • HIV Outpatient Clinic Program – Assists in the development and enrichment of care provided for people living with HIV by supporting patient needs that are essential to their care, engagement or retention at University Medical Center.
  • HNC-ENT Assist Fund - Aids in improving care and access to resources for patients who suffer from complex problems that affect the ear, nose and throat. Conditions include but not limited to cancers of the head and neck, thyroid and parathyroid tumors and disease, salivary gland tumors and disease, sinus, ear diseases, hearing loss or problems with speech and swallowing.
  • Josh's Promise: Salt & Light - Joshua Solomon Charitable Fund - The fund aids in the development and enrichment of care provided for patients diagnosed with addiction and substance misuse disorders, who are indigent, under insured, or working uninsured.
  • Kevin Wolf Memorial Fund - This fund supports cancer research at UMCNO and LCMC Health. Donations help facilitate research and support initiatives from inception through completion, presentation, and publication.
  • Medication Bridge Program – Donations purchase prescriptions, nutritional supplements, treatment supplies, respiratory equipment, durable medical supplies and transportation to and from clinic/treatment appointments for University Medical Center's patients that meet financial assistance requirements and social worker approval.
  • Medical Research – These funds are available to LSU and Tulane Medical Schools to facilitate research that directly benefits our University Medical Center patients. *This program is currently on hold until further notice.
  • Palliative Medicine – These funds aid in providing a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of life for people who are living with serious illnesses. Our team of doctors, social workers, and therapists will work collaboratively with a patient’s entire medical team and their families to provide medical, emotional and social support needed to cope with serious illness.
  • Resident Education & Development – This program offers strong educational initiatives that directly impact University Medical Center's patient care while physicians in training from LSU and Tulane Medical Schools are positively impacted.
  • Saints Fans Being Saints – Donations entertain the children of not only families affected by ALS, but also children with immediate family members that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or have succumbed to crisis or hardship. The purpose is to put a smile on the face of a child as their family member is undergoing adversity.
  • Spiritual Care – Our team provides spiritual and emotional support to patients and their loved ones, as well as our hospital employees and volunteers as they cope with the emotional and spiritual impact of illness, injury, or crisis.
  • Stop the Bleed – The Foundation is proud to partner with University Medical Center, LSU and Tulane Medical Schools in sponsoring and facilitating the Stop the Bleed Program. It is a national campaign developed by the American College of Surgeons to teach adults and children life-saving techniques in a bleeding emergency.
  • TAHA Ali-Gandhi Foundation Program – "Connect the dots" This program assist patients in navigating their care, facilitating access and removing operational hurdles to obtain treatment and medications. Motto: Healthcare access and healthcare navigation delayed is healthcare denied!
  • Trauma Recovery Fund – Promotes healing and resilience among trauma survivors in our community by addressing their unique and complex behavioral health needs.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Care Fund - Support helps advance the clinical components, educational delivery, and scholarly efforts surrounding the care of our complex TBI patient population.
  • Wellness & Response Fund – Our healthcare team is doing heroic work. This fund supports our staff, patients and programs as we deal with unexpected challenges. Funding can provide us with additional safety equipment, psychological support, expand outreach of programs and services or an area of greatest need.
  • Women's Reproductive Health Fund – This fund aids in the provision of healthcare for women and allows women in our community to access opportunities related to family planning, preventive healthcare, and pregnancy loss support. It supports these efforts through education, community outreach, and the provision of contraception and family planning services. It improves access to care, streamlines navigation of resources, and develops educational materials and programs to optimize the health of women in our community.