We are LCMC Health!

We're a health system on a mission: to provide extra-ordinary care for every person in New Orleans and to bring a little more heart and soul to healthcare along the way.

Born and raised in New Orleans, it’s no wonder we do things a little differently.

We take the everyday and make it extraordinary, with unmistakable style and come-on-in, all-are-welcome sincerity. It’s our way of adding a little something extra—always delivered with our signature love. The kind that fills you up to the brim. And then some.

What’s unexpected for most, is perfectly at place here — because a little extra-extraordinary is just who we are.

Health care with heart. We put so much heart into what we do, we put it right into our logo. When you’re here, you’re family. No matter who you are or what your story is, you’re part of our family as soon as you walk through our doors. It’s how we make our hospitals feel a little more like home.

We love you, New Orleans. That’s right—we said it. We don’t just care for our city, we love it—and the people here, too. Love is our language. We’re hand holders and huggers who wear our hearts on our sleeves. It may not be what you expect from your hospital—but we think health care could use a little more love, don’t you?

Home is where our heart is. Health should be colorful, not corporate.

We smile a little bigger, hug a little tighter, and laugh a little harder—and we always bring a little extra personality to work with us. We believe in going the extra mile to treat everyone like family. It’s the LCMC Health way, and it’s how we make our hospitals feel a little more like home.

That's why when you're at LCMC Health, your providers and caretakers will get to know you and your family to provide you with the best care possible. We believe that shared beliefs and positive outlooks are what make us extraordinary, together.

This is LCMC Health.

magnify glass  Vision: Creating a culture of wellness.

rocket shipMission: Health, care, and education beyond extraordinary.

heart iconValues: We bring heart and soul. We're in it together. We give a little extra.

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