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EJGH Celebrates Infusion Center Grand Opening

Expansion of the EJGH Regional Cancer Center in the Yenni Pavilion is a culmination of a $3 million, multi-year capital campaign by The Foundation.

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East Jefferson General Hospital and The Foundation proudly announce the opening of the new Outpatient Infusion Center. The grand opening ceremony was held on May 21 to honor the donors who made this possible and to celebrate the patients who have already begun receiving treatments in the new space. This expansion triples the space and capacity to treat cancer patients and is the result of a successful $3 million capital campaign to add a third-floor Infusion Center, completely renovate second-floor physician and clinic offices and improve the first-floor radiation therapy departments.

“Our vision for this project was to provide our patients and this community with a cancer center that was second to none in our region,” says Dr. Paul Monsour, EJGH Radiation Oncologist and Capital Campaign Chair for The Foundation. “We now can see three times the number of patients we could in the past and do it in a way that promotes healing, recovery, privacy, and an overall improved patient experience. We cannot thank each and every donor enough for making this vision a reality.”

The grand opening ceremonies included a welcome by Dr. Mark J. Peters, EJGH President, and CEO, donor wall unveiling by Dr. Monsour, and personal remarks and testimonial by Christy Senner, Foundation Board of Trustees Member and Individual and Families Chair for the Capital Campaign Committee. The over 200 guests in attendance were then invited on a special tour of the facility to experience the results of their philanthropy.

The completed Outpatient Oncology Infusion Center includes the following enhancements:

  • Outpatient Infusion Center capacity and footprint tripled from our former site.
  • Increased number of infusion stations from 8 to 22. Each infusion station is an individual, more private treatment area complete with a specialized recliner and all necessary clinical equipment.
  • Increased number of patient rooms with beds from 3 to 7.
  • Expanded infusion Fast Track area to more quickly serve patients.
  • Incorporated a multi-media conference room for physicians and care teams to host video conferencing, presentations, and educational offerings.
  • Expanded Cancer Resource Library to offer patients and their support system access to computer stations and the most up-to-date research and educational material.
  • Expanded patient access and registration area to welcome and register patients more efficiently.
  • A serenity area for relaxation with specially designed massage chairs and therapeutic music.

“The entire oncology staff is so proud of this facility and what it means for our patients,” says Mattie Hobley, RN, EJGH Director of Oncology Services. “Opening this new building literally has brought tears to our eyes because it is exactly what we dreamed it could be. Thank you to The Foundation for all their efforts. It is so special because it is a cancer center for our community, built by our community.”

Cancer patient Dominick Lamandre has experienced treatment in the former facility since his lung cancer diagnosis in 2011 and is now undergoing treatment in the new Infusion Center. His reaction to the new facility is simple – “I love it,” he says.

Lamandre further says, “I have been to other facilities in the area, and I am just glad I go to East Jefferson. EJGH has always had tremendous care and top-notch nurses and staff, but the space you received treatment in was a little cramped and it was tight quarters. But now, I am really impressed with the space and how comfortable it is. You can also tell that the design makes it easier for the staff to work in, and if it’s easier on them, it ultimately benefits the patients.”