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EJGH Employs Germ-Fighting Robot, Tru-D

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As healthcare-associated infections continue to rise, EJGH must be diligent in combatting the spread of these infections. EJGH is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, and we are pleased to be the first hospital in our region to use the Tru-D Smart UVC system as part of our cleaning regimen. The Tru-D system is a 5’5″ disinfection robot that generates UV light energy to disinfect 100 percent of the surfaces in a room, killing pathogens – including viruses, bacteria, and fungi – that are often transmitted via high-touch surfaces and threaten patient outcomes.

Tru-D works in conjunction with traditional cleaning methods and can achieve 99.9 percent disinfection of all pathogens by eliminating the possibility of hospital-acquired infections and the spread of certain contagions within the hospital. Tru-D allows our hospital staff to easily and confidently disinfect virtually any environment, including patient rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and public areas.

With an estimated 1.7 million hospital-acquired infections occurring each year, EJGH is joining the ranks of premier health care institutions by adopting this ground-breaking technology “Tru-D gives us and our patients’ peace of mind in knowing that an area not only appears clean but is clean,” says Dr. Raymond DeCorte, EJGH Chief Medical Officer. “This is the next great step in our ongoing pursuit of patient safety and care.”

EJGH was able to acquire the Tru-D System through the generosity of The Foundation and the INSPIRE Grants Program.