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SpaceOAR – at East Jefferson General Hospital

Nope! This is not the name of an alien spaceship, although that would be super cool. Instead, it’s something even better! This cutting-edge technology is designed to lessen the side effects of radiation for prostate cancer to make sure you have a great quality of life after beating cancer.

SpaceOAR is an important addition to your radiation treatments because of the body’s anatomy. The prostate and rectum are very close to each other, and unfortunately, the cells in your rectum can be damaged by the radiation treatments. As a result of the strength of radiation treatment, your rectum becomes the Organ At Risk (OAR). SpaceOAR increases the space between the prostate and the rectum to protect this very important organ from dangerous radiation. Damage to the rectum could lead to renal failure or rectal toxicity, which can be a life-threatening condition.

SpaceOAR is a spacer made of hydrogel and the process is pretty simple and minimally invasive. SpaceOAR is injected in between the prostate and the rectum, and most patients cannot feel it. The hydrogel in this product is incredibly safe and similar to products used in types of surgeries, such as brain and cardiology. SpaceOAR remains in your body for three months during radiation, and then it is absorbed and leaves your body through your urine.

There are some risks associated with having SpaceOAR inserted, such as pain and discomfort, bleeding, constipation, and other side effects. However, clinical data has shown that patients who received SpaceOAR have improved bowel function, improvements in urinary function, and a higher chance to maintain sexual function.

Radiation treatments are difficult for patients and their families. The side effects from the treatments can be minor inconveniences, or they can add more difficulties to the treatments. Because radiation is such a powerful cancer treatment, it can easily affect other organs and put them at risk. SpaceOAR eliminates the worry that your rectum may be negatively affected by the radiation treatment. SpaceOAR allows patients to stop worrying about the side effects and put more effort into fighting cancer and winning. SpaceOAR also helps patients who have beat cancer have a much better quality of life because it protects your rectum while allowing doctors to be aggressive in the cancer treatment if necessary.

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Make your fight with prostate cancer easier with SpaceOAR!