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Groundbreaking Procedure For Lung Cancer Detection Now Available at East Jefferson General Hospital

Groundbreaking Procedure For Lung Cancer Detection Now Available at East Jefferson General Hospital


The robotic-assisted bronchoscopy suite offers precision biopsy for lung nodules.

METAIRIE, LA – East Jefferson General Hospital proudly announces the opening of a state-of-the-art interventional bronchoscopy suite to enhance minimally invasive detection and diagnosis of lung cancer. Leveraging the leading-edge Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy platform in conjunction with real-time cone-beam CT imaging, this new combination of technologies revolutionizes the biopsy process for suspicious lung nodules, offering unparalleled precision and effectiveness. East Jefferson General Hospital is proud to be among only a handful of sites across the country with this combination of technologies.

Lung cancer remains one of the most prevalent and deadly forms of cancer in the United States, with early detection playing a crucial role in improving patient outcomes. However, traditional biopsy methods often present challenges, particularly when targeting nodules located in hard-to-reach areas of the lung. The newly opened bronchoscopy suite tackles these obstacles head-on.

“This brand-new bronchoscopy suite at EJ has the latest and greatest technology, allowing us to quickly biopsy nodules in even the most remote and delicate areas of the lungs, with minimal risk and discomfort to the patient,” says Dr. Ramsy Abdelghani, a Tulane board-certified interventional pulmonologist who practices at East Jefferson General Hospital. “Myself and my partner, Dr. David Becnel, were the first to introduce this combination of technologies in the state of Louisiana at Tulane Medical Center in 2022, and we are excited to bring this technology with us as part of the transition to East Jefferson General Hospital.”

The Ion platform employs robotic assistance to navigate the bronchial pathways with unmatched accuracy, enabling clinicians to precisely target suspicious lung nodules regardless of their location within the lung. Combining the Ion robot with cone-beam CT imaging provides clinicians with immediate, high-resolution visualization of the lung anatomy during the procedure, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring optimal biopsy site selection. The biopsy is performed through a minimally invasive procedure, which means patients can benefit from reduced discomfort, shorter recovery times, and decreased risk compared to traditional biopsy methods.

“This marks another milestone in the transition of Tulane Medicine services to East Jefferson General Hospital as we usher in a new era of world-class healthcare right here in Jefferson Parish,” says Greg Nielsen, Interim CEO of East Jefferson General Hospital.

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Attached photo caption: Dr. Ramsy Abdelghani cutting the ribbon at the opening of the new state-of-the-art interventional bronchoscopy suite.

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