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Social Services

We have social workers available for pre-transplant assessment, emotional support during the transplant process, and post-transplant needs. During the evaluation process, you will be assigned a social worker who can assist in locating many needed resources.

Medication assistance

Patient assistance programs are available to help people afford the cost of their prescription medications after transplant. Eligibility for assistance with medications is based on income criteria and insurance status. However, the eligibility rules of each program vary widely. To find out more about Patient Assistance Programs, visit the following websites:

Social workers are also available to answer questions about patient assistance programs and to help guide you through the enrollment process.

If you are a patient and need more information about medication assistance, please contact one of our social workers at 504.988.5344 or 1.888.988.5344.

Ticket to work program

We can help transplant patients find employment through the Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency Program.

The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program is an employment program for people with medical disabilities who are interested in going to work. The ticket program is part of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 – legislation designed to remove many of the barriers that previously influenced people’s decisions about going to work because of concerns over losing healthcare coverage. The goal of the ticket program is to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security disability beneficiaries to obtain employment, vocational rehabilitation and other support services from public and private providers, employers and other organizations.