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Clinical research is an exciting and integral part of Tulane Medical Center. The purpose of clinical research trials is to bring newer, and hopefully better, medications and therapies to patients in accordance with FDA requirements. We have a dedicated staff of research coordinators to ensure our patients’ safety by monitoring all regulatory requirements so that our patients have access to participate in the most promising trials available. These trials are specifically designed to answer questions for which we do not currently have an answer.

We carefully select research trials that we believe will offer our patients better care. Our physicians meet regularly to evaluate research proposals from industry-sponsored sources as well as from our own investigators. As a group we weigh the risks and benefits of each trial and select those that offer the potential for the most direct benefit to our patients. All of our trials are presented to the Tulane University Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval prior to enrollment.

Patients are fully informed prior to consent about our current trials and are given the choice to participate. We treat all of our patients equally, regardless of their decision to participate. Furthermore, patient care is of utmost importance – should you, at any time, want to withdraw from a study we will respect your right to do so.

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