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Emergency Room (ER) Check-in

Reduced ER wait times at East Jefferson

You want your visit to the ER to be fast and efficient—and so do we. That’s why we use an online check-in system to improve ER wait times. If your condition is serious but not life threatening, online check-in allows you to hold your spot in line at the ER. You can do most of your waiting from the comfort of home until we can see you.

Check in online

Note: We also still accept walk-ins at the ER.

ER online check-in FAQs

Online check-in helps make sure you don’t spend all day at the ER waiting to be seen. To make the process easy on you, we’ve answered frequently asked questions about online check-in.

Download the online check-in FAQs.

How does online check-in for the ER work?

With online check-in, you select a time that works for you to let our staff know when you’re coming to the ER. Checking in online means you or your loved one can wait somewhere more comfortable until your check-in time. To check in, follow these steps:

  1. View the ER Online Registration page and select an available date and time. Each time slot is for one person only.
  2. Select Add visit info next.
  3. Enter the requested information.
  4. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a text from us with the details about when to come to the ER.
  5. Arrive at the ER by your scheduled time, and we’ll try to see you as close as possible to your appointment time.

That’s it! You’ll spend less time in the ER and more time getting better.

Note: If your health insurance requires prior authorization, we recommend talking to your insurance company first before reserving a time.

When should I arrive for my confirmed time?

Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your reservation time. We will not be able to see you before your reserved time.

If you’re running late, we give a 15-minute grace period. If you’re any later, you may lose your spot in line. You can always make a new reservation online if needed, and the system will automatically cancel your old one. If you need to cancel your reservation altogether, give us a call to let us know.

Is my reservation time a guarantee?

No, it is not. We will do our best to see you when you arrive, but if there are patients with more serious conditions ahead of you, they may be seen first.

How much does the online check-in service cost?

Online check-in is free for everyone, regardless of whether you have health insurance.

What do I do when I arrive at the ER?

Our ER entrance is located on the first floor, beneath the ER ramp. As you approach the hospital, you’ll see signs that say “emergency” in red and white, directing you to the ER.

Parking for our ER is on Ithaca St., between Houma Blvd. and Hudson St., with additional parking in the Hudson Garage.

When you arrive, let the staff know you’re here and that you checked in online. A healthcare professional will see you to look at your condition and decide the best action. You may see a doctor, physician assistant, nurse, or other combination of healthcare professionals.

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