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Pastoral Care

What is Pastoral Care?

In keeping with Touro's commitment to the concept of total care for patients, families and staff, chaplains work as members of the health care team for the well-being of the whole person. Chaplains work to meet the non-medical needs of patients' families and staff by offering spiritual and emotional support, encouragement, comfort, consolation, and prayer. The chaplain's listening skills are framed in theological background, stressing the ministry of confidentiality, presence, and acceptance. A chaplain's role is to help patients, families, and staff integrate what is happening to them in their illness or distress with their understanding of their relationship to God/higher power and others. When requested, religious/spiritual resources such as prayer, scripture and/or sacraments are made available to patients, families, and staff. Confidentiality is always maintained.

Pastoral support & resources

Catholic sacramental needs can be arranged. Patients and families are encouraged to call their parish priest. Volunteer Eucharistic Ministers offer Communion to Catholic patients. Other sacraments for catholic patients can be arranged. Our nationally Board Certified Staff Chaplain offers pastoral guidance, compassionate listening and support for patients, families, and staff with or without specific religious affiliation. Chaplains can also supply religious reading material on request.

Notify a Chaplain:

  • When facing the possibility of acute illness, death, trauma, or poor prognosis, facing significant loss or change.
  • When questioning your faith and/or your relationship with God/higher power.
  • When facing an ethical decision/dilemma such as DNR status, organ donation, etc.
  • When feeling you would benefit from receiving sacraments, or just pray with someone.
  • When talking to a chaplain about any issues (personal, medical, work-related, etc.), being assured of confidential sharing of your struggles, concerns, etc.
  • To honor the sacredness of life, especially joys and challenges of healthcare providing and receiving.
  • To request a blessing for another, yourself, for a new work, home, ministry, child, or simply to remember we are beloved.

Chaplain availability/Interfaith Chapel

Chaplains are available Monday-Friday to persons of all faiths, or no affiliation, and can assist in contacting your clergy representatives. To request a chaplain, contact the in-house operator at 504-897-7011, or dial 0 if calling within the hospital. The Pastoral Care department is located on the third floor across from the ecumenical chapel, which is available 24/7 as a quiet and sacred space of prayer and meditation for all patients, families, and staff. Interfaith pastoral services are provided by Baptist Community Ministries, and Catholic chaplaincy services are provided by the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

  • Our staff chaplain is Chaplain Debra Guidroz, MPS, BCC-Nationally Board Certified Staff Chaplain:
  • Fr. Clyde LeBlanc, S.J.: 504.442.1901
  • Rabbi Levi