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Family Birthing Center

Since 1922, Touro has been the hospital where babies come from

The Family Birthing Center at Touro offers a full-scale, individualized, and positive approach to birth preparation, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Labor, Delivery, & Postpartum Care

After 100 years of being the hospital where babies come from in New Orleans, we know what's important to expectant moms. From the big things, like friendly, caring providers that go above and beyond, to the little extra touches you'll never forget, the Family Birthing Center at Touro always delivers.

We are happy you have chosen the Family Birthing Center at Touro – “the place where babies come from” – to help bring your new bundle of joy into the world. The Family Birthing Center at Touro offers a full-scale, individualized, and positive approach to birth preparation, labor, delivery and postpartum care.

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OB Nurse Navigators

Our OB Nurse Navigators are ready to support you throughout your journey to motherhood. They offer expectant parents a personal guide through pregnancy and delivery while offering a safe environment throughout all phases of your pregnancy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • First contact at 13 weeks' gestation
  • Calls at 23 weeks and 33 weeks gestation
  • Assist with scheduling your prenatal classes
  • Tours of Touro's perinatal floor
  • Check-ins during your hospital stay
  • Postpartum discharge follow up calls
  • Contact 24-48 hours prior to inductions or C-sections for pre-op

Call our OB Nurse Navigators at 504.897.7319

Meet your Navigators

Find the provider that's right for you.

Pregnancy and prenatal carePrenatal Care

Whether you live Uptown, on the Westbank, in New Orleans East, in Metairie, or any place in between, Touro is here to provide the exceptional, personalized care you’re looking for, along with the latest technology, in a comfortable environment. Before baby comes, take a tour of our beautiful facility and learn more about our Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic and childbirth education classes. Learn more about prenatal care.

ClassesTwo women meeting

At Touro, we know that parents new and experienced can always learn more about preparing and caring for a new child. Take a baby food making class, an infant CPR class, or learn about hypnobirthing to help prepare for the birth of your baby. Register for one of our many prenatal and early parenting classes.

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Midwives & doulasMeeting your midwife

At Touro, we support all birth options whether you would like a certified nurse midwife, a supporting doula, or hydrotherapy in labor. It's important that each patient finds the birth team that is right for you. Your provider along with the caring nurses and staff at the Family Birthing Center will work together to ensure a safe and healthy delivery. Learn more about our midwives..

Breastfeeding supportBreastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things a new mother experiences with her baby. As a Baby Friendly designated birthing center, we provide support to each new mom as you begin your journey to breastfeeding. Touro's lactation center offers you full-service breastfeeding support, from classes and one-on-one appointments to nursing bra fittings - all in one place. Learn more about our breastfeeding support.

Amenities for mom

Mom holing a babyAt Touro, we know the importance of individualized care. Our Family Birthing Center providers and staff work with our moms-to-be to create a unique birth experience to safely welcome baby to the world. We also offer ways to make mom’s visit to the Family Birthing Center at Touro a luxurious one by offering amenities packages. Learn more about our amenities for mom.

A few important phone numbers and websites you’ll need before, during and after the arrival of your little bundle of joy! View contact information.

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