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Pregnancy and Prenatal Care in New Orleans

Welcoming your baby at Touro

Choosing the place where you’ll experience one of the most memorable days of your life is a big decision. Let Touro’s Family Birthing Center make that decision easier by helping you prepare for the birth of your new bundle of joy.

We know each woman's pregnancy is unique, which is why our providers, nurses, and staff work together to make sure you're getting the exact care you and your baby need.

And for our extra-special patients with high-risk pregnancies, our Maternal Fetal Medicine team is here to answer your questions and guide you at each stage during your pregnancy.

OB Nurse Navigators

Our OB Nurse Navigators are ready to support you throughout your journey to motherhood. They offer expectant parents a personal guide through pregnancy and delivery while offering a safe environment throughout all phases of your pregnancy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • First contact at 13 weeks' gestation
  • Calls at 23 weeks and 33 weeks gestation
  • Assist with scheduling your prenatal classes
  • Tours of Touro's perinatal floor
  • Check-ins during your hospital stay
  • Postpartum discharge follow up calls
  • Contact 24-48 hours prior to inductions or C-sections for pre-op
Call our OB Nurse Navigators at 504.897.7319


Come take an in-person or virtual tour of our facility, so you feel right at home when welcoming your newest family member.

During an in-person tour, you’ll learn about the birthing options we offer, how to find a Touro physician or midwife, important tests and immunizations you and your baby will need, and creating your own birth plan with the help of your provider.

Finding a pediatrician

Before your baby comes is the best time to choose a pediatrician to care for your newborn. The pediatrics specialists at Children's Hospital New Orleans will treat your little one like family, from check-ups to specialized care.

Birth certificate information

The Touro Birth Certificate Office will help new parents complete the application for the newborn's birth certificate. A birth certificate coordinator will contact the mother while she in the hospital with additional information about the baby's birth certificate and social security card.

Parents can get a head start on the birth certificate paperwork before delivery if desired. The completed worksheets can be given to the birth certificate coordinator after delivery.

Touro - Family Birthing Center
2nd Floor - Birth Certificate Office - M270B
P: 504.897.7110
Office Hours: Monday - Saturday: 8 am - 4 pm (Appointments are required)

Paternity information

After the baby is born, a hospital Birth Certificate Coordinator will provide information about establishing paternity for unmarried parents and establishing paternity outside of marriage. Coordinators will help parents to complete the necessary legal documents. Valid identification is required for all parents signing the “Acknowledgment of Paternity” documents.

Paternity can also be established after discharge by amending the birth certificate. Contact the Louisiana Vital Records (504.593.5122) to establish paternity after the birth certificate has been filed.

For additional information about establishing paternity for unmarried parent or establishing paternity outside of marriage, visit the Louisiana Paternity Establishment Program and the Louisiana Office of Vital Records Paternity Information page.

Copy of birth verification letter (proof of birth)

A "Birth Verification" letter (Temporary Birth Certificate) will be given to parents by the hospital’s Birth Certificate Coordinator once the Birth Certificate paperwork is completed. To receive an additional copy of the " Birth Verification" letter, contact the Birth Certificate Office 504-897-7110.

Birth verification letters can be obtained from the Birth Certificate Office:

  • In person by one of the baby’s parents, if he or she is listed on the birth certificate and has a picture ID. (Call 504.897.7110 for an appointment)
  • By mail to the address listed on the birth certificate worksheet.
How to obtain a certified copy of a Louisiana birth certificate

The Louisiana Vital Records Registry in New Orleans will mail a complimentary certified copy of the baby's birth certificate. It typically takes 6 - 10 weeks to come in the mail.

To check on the status of a birth certificate, please contact the Louisiana Vital Records (Phone: 504.593.5100). If they are unable to answer questions regarding your certificate, contact Touro Birth Certificate Office (Phone: 504.897.7110).

Birth certificates are available at Louisiana Vital Records throughout the state. There is a charge for each copy. Please contact the Louisiana Vital Records (Phone: 504.593.5100).

How to correct or amend a birth certificate

Corrections and amendments to a birth certificate are processed through the Louisiana Office of Vitals Records. The process to make changes to a birth certificate varies depending on the type of legal change requested and how recently the record was filed. For additional details about correcting or amending a Louisiana Birth Certificate, please visit the Office of Vital Records Amendments page.

  • If you would like to make a change to the birth certificate, contact Louisiana Vital Records: Amendments Department (Phone: 504.593.5122).
  • There may be a fee to make changes.
Social security card

Parents have the option of requesting a Social Security Card during the birth certificate application process completed at the hospital. It typically takes two to four months to receive a child's social security number if the parents apply for it on the child's birth certificate request form.

To check the status of the social security card or to inquire about a replacement card, contact the New Orleans Social Security Office 1.855.257.0984. You may also visit the Social Security Administration Website for additional information.


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