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100 years of maternity services | Touro Family Birthing Center

In 1973, Dr. Jack Jacob began working at Touro, delivering his first baby the same year. He told WDSU that he has likely delivered thousands of babies since.

"It's a happy line of work," Jacob said. "The labor and delivery can be stressful but when the baby is born and is healthy and the mother is doing well, it's sort of a euphoric moment."

Over the years, Jacob has had the chance to reconnect with some of the babies he brought into the world, including Kanna Page.

"Our initial introduction was, 'Hi, I'm Kanna, and I'm one of your babies,'" Page said.

Page recently joined the team at Touro, working as the hospital's senior director of physician services. She now works alongside Jacob.

"(He is) genuinely a very good spirit," Page said. "His patients adore him."

Jacob called Page "competent and extremely friendly" but added he cannot take credit for those qualities.

"I brought her into the world, but her parents sent her off on a good path," Jacob said.

Throughout 2022, LCMC Health, which overseas Touro Infirmary, is highlighting similar stories at the hospital. 

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