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Women and Newborn Classes

Women and Newborn Classes

Please contact Holly Williams at, register online at or call 504.503.5992.

Childbirth Education Series

Newborn Essentials

Get answers from the experts to the many questions about the first weeks at home with a newborn. Basics of bathing, diapering, swaddling, umbilical cord and circumcision care are just some of the critical concepts that will be addressed in this small, confidence-boosting class for expectant parents/ support persons. No fees - class is FREE and offered every other month.


This childbirth preparation program is designed to empower women to make informed choices in healthcare, to assume responsibility for their health, and trust their inner wisdom. Implemented in three sessions, this class will show women and their support person how to achieve as normal and natural a birth as possible. Information is provided on comfort measures, relaxation, medication and anesthesia. A partner (who will be with you in labor) is recommended to attend. Class series is one class per week for 3 weeks in a row and offered every other month. It should be completed by 36-37 weeks pregnant. $100.00 – non-refundable

Prenatal 1

This class provides information on the changes to expect throughout pregnancy, and emphasizes birth as a normal, natural, healthy process. Signs and stages of labor are discussed, along with when to go to the hospital, where to go, and what to expect. Expecting parents take a tour of Woman & Newborn Services. No fees - class is FREE and offered every other month.

Prenatal 2

Interventions and medical options in childbirth are discussed in this second class of our prenatal series. Comfort measures, including natural, pharmacological, and epidural anesthesia are addressed. A film on Cesarean birth is shown. No fees - class is FREE and offered every other month.

Prenatal 3

The postpartum experience both in the hospital and beyond can be overwhelming. With an emphasis on the mother and her new baby, this class focuses on the role of the pediatrician, healthy relationships, postpartum emotions, and feeding your baby. No fees - class is FREE and offered every other month.

Breastfeeding Education Series

ABCs of Breastfeeding

Dispelling myths and providing basics on preparing to breastfeed, along with feeding your newborn and pump pointers are discussed in this small informative class for women only. No fees - class is FREE and offered every other month.

Breastfeeding Class

The focus of this class is to help families achieve a successful breastfeeding experience both in the hospital and at home. Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants cover breastfeeding expectations in the early weeks and strategies for success. It is recommended that dad or other support persons attend as well. No fees - class is FREE and offered every other month.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Bring your newborn with you, and let our lactation experts help you transition into successful breastfeeding. Learn about the nutritional value of breast milk, your baby's weight gain, milk supply concerns, and more. Share advice with other moms on ways to help a fussy baby, manage sore nipples, and breastfeeding in public No fees - class is FREE and offered once a month.

Family Education Classes

Babysitting Basics

Woman & Newborn Services invites young boys and girls to come learn an assortment of key babysitting tips. The information presented will include infant and child choking, essentials of childcare, problem behavior, entertaining ideas, and treating babysitting as a business. The event is designed off of the "Babysitter Cadette Badge" requirements, but is open to all that are 11 years and older. Class is offered once in the spring and once in the fall. Two hour class -$20.00

Car Seat Safety Fitting

Child Safety Seat Fittings are available every Wednesday at LA State Police Troop B on the I-10 Service Rd off of Williams Blvd from 1pm-4pm. This program is designed to demonstrate proper installation of your child safety seat and ensure that seat type and fit are accurate for your vehicle. EJGH EMS can also be contacted at 504.503.7152 for questions. - FREE

Infant CPR

This non-certifying program was created by the American Heart Association for anyone who wants to learn how to give CPR to an infant. CPR basics will be presented by a registered nurse through book and video instruction. Class is offered twice a month. $15.00

It’s Great to be a Girl

So much happens to a young girl's body during puberty, both emotionally and physically. Learning how their bodies grow, what changes to expect, and how to take care of themselves are valuable lessons for preteens. For girls ages 9-12, this seminar includes an informal, open discussion on self-esteem, self-care, puberty, and communication. A brief and simple introduction to the opposite sex is covered. A female parent or trusted female adult should accompany each preteen. Class is offered about every 3 months. Two hour class -$20.00

Safe Sitter

This is a 2 day Safe Sitter certified babysitting class offered during the summer for teens 11-14 years old who are seriously interested in pursuing babysitting. Rescue breathing and rescue choking techniques are covered. 2 full days- $120.00

*All classes have a minimum registration requirement that must be met in order to hold the class*

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Please contact Holly Williams at, register online at or call 504.503.5992.

*Dates/Times are subject to change or cancellation, so please call or check website frequently*

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