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Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery Now Available at Touro Infirmary and UMC New Orleans

LCMC Health is pleased to announce that Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery, an advanced treatment expanding options for women undergoing breast surgery, is now available at two of its hospitals, Touro Infirmary and University Medical Center (UMC) New Orleans. John Colfry, MD, a breast surgical oncologist with Touro’s Crescent City Physicians, and Adam I. Riker, MD, FACS, LSU Health New Orleans, breast surgical oncologist at UMC New Orleans, have been recognized as Hidden Scar trained surgeons.

Touro Infirmary and UMC New Orleans are among the first hospitals in the Greater New Orleans area to offer Breast Cancer Surgery. This advanced approach to breast cancer surgery hides incision scars, minimizing the daily emotional reminder of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Each year, approximately 405,0002,3 women are diagnosed with breast cancer that requires surgery and many are unaware of all the surgical options available, including minimally invasive approaches that can help restore their self-image and allow them to begin the emotional healing process. Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery allows Dr. Colfry and Dr. Riker to remove the cancerous tissue through a single incision made in an inconspicuous area, preserving the natural shape of the breast while reducing visible scarring.

“This technology is exciting because it allows me to truly hide, as best as possible, the incisions that must be made for a particular breast operation,” said Adam I. Riker, MD, FACS, LSU Health New Orleans. “In many instances, the incisions cannot be seen at all, as it is hidden in the inframammary fold of the breast and in select cases the nipple can be completely preserved.

"Diagnosis of breast cancer resulted in my choice of bilateral mastectomy,” explains patient, Carol V. Sharp. “The excellent cosmetic result and minimal scar accomplished by my skilled surgeon, Dr. A. John Colfry exceeded even my own expectations."

“Whether a patient is having a lumpectomy or a nipple-sparing mastectomy, hidden scar surgery allows for optimal cosmetic results,” said Alfred John Colfry III, MD, Touro Infirmary. “With this more sophisticated approach to breast cancer surgery, a woman can have more self-confidence after having battled breast cancer.”

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