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Senior health minute | Medication safety

Senior health minute | Medication safety

It’s easy to forget to take your medicine, especially when you take a lot of pills, but to get the best results from medicines, always take them as directed.

Follow these tips to make sure you’re safely taking your medications:

  • Make sure you understand how, when, and for how long your medication should be taken
  • Know about the side effects of the medications, any drug interactions to avoid, what to do if you miss a dose, and how to store the medicine.
  • Have questions about your medication? Contact your pharmacist with any questions or concerns about your medications. Ask for clarification, if necessary.
  • Take the exact dose prescribed to you.
  • Follow the dosage schedule, keep a daily record of your medications, and check off each dose as you take it.
  • If you’re prescribed a new medication, be sure to mention any other drugs you are taking. Include all over-the-counter drugs, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
  • Tell your healthcare provider about any past drug reactions, such as rashes, indigestion, dizziness, or lack of appetite.
  • Never take medication in the dark.
  • Be sure to only take medications that are prescribed to you.
  • Discard old medications properly.

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