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Aphasia Support Group

Aphasia is a communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to process language but does not affect intelligence. It's caused by damage in the area of the brain that controls language expression and comprehension. Many people have aphasia after a stroke, but it can also be brought on by a head injury, brain tumor, brain infection, or dementia.

Living with Aphasia

Some people with aphasia fully recover without treatment. But for most people, some amount of aphasia typically remains. Speech therapy can often help recover some speech and language functions over time. But many people continue to have problems communicating. This can sometimes be difficult and frustrating both for the person with aphasia and for family members.

At Touro, we advocate for people with aphasia and their caregivers. Through the Touro Infirmary Foundation, Touro has created an Aphasia Support Group that provides education, support, socialization, and resources for those living with aphasia and their support person.

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