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Cardiovascular Services

Our fleet of ambulances and emergency medical technicians provide life-saving care in the field through our emergency department. All of your emergency cardiac care needs are met by experienced professionals who have been recognized by independent rating services as the best in our market. Our emergency department has more board-certified emergency physicians than any other in the region.

Coronary bypass surgery

The right surgeon and team matters when it comes to your health.

East Jefferson General Hospital’s outcomes have earned five-star and “Best in Region” honors from HealthGrades in the areas of Cardiac Surgery and Coronary Bypass. Additionally, we rank in the nation’s top 10% for patient safety in cardiac care, as determined by CareChex. Coronary bypass surgery has proved to be a reliable, repeatable, and effective tool for prolonging the quality and duration of life.

There are many techniques for this surgery and some are less invasive. The type of bypass chosen for you depends upon both your clinical condition and the preference of your surgeon.

Ann Stadjuhar of HealthGrades knows how difficult it is for a hospital to earn a five-stars. She says, “As an independent healthcare rating entity, HealthGrades can stand outside politics, commentary or reputation. We simply look at outcomes. You can’t argue with success and a five-star rating. ‘Best in Region’ means your hospital has achieved the highest level of success possible within our rating system.” Of the hundreds of hospitals rated by HealthGrades, less than five percent earn a five-star rating. And, obviously, only one can achieve “Best in Region.” That places East Jefferson General Hospital in rare company.

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