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Patient Services & Survivorship Programs

We Are Here for You. No One Should Fight Cancer Alone.

From the moment you receive your diagnosis to your journey beyond ringing the bell, our mission is to help you get back to the life you love. Our team provides personalized care that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and empowered.

Please read below to preview just some of the services available along your journey, and do not hesitate to speak with one of our Cancer Care Navigators at 504.503.6250 or 504.503.5594 for any questions you may have.

Survivorship programs

Survivorship is our only goal at East Jefferson General Hospital. Once you are diagnosed with cancer, every single interaction you will have with us is built around that singular goal. Upon completion of your treatment, we will even celebrate with a ceremony where you will ring our survivorship bell. This is a powerful and meaningful moment as it signifies you truly winning the fight of your life. At that time you will transition into our formal survivorship program.

If you have any questions about the Cancer Survivorship Program at East Jefferson General Hospital or would like more information, please call 504.503.5734.

The mission of the survivorship program is to maximize your quality of life while minimizing your risk for new or recurring cancers. Working together, your care team will provide:

The Bell is just a beginning

To celebrate the milestones along your cancer journey such as completion of infusion treatments or radiation therapy, our patients participate in a bell ringing ceremony. Caregivers gather around the bell and read the survivorship poem and you, a proud cancer survivor, are then asked to ring the bell. The sound of that bell is the sound of victory and life for you. For others, receiving treatment for their cancers, it is the sound of hope and inspiration. For the Cancer Survivorship Program at East Jefferson General Hospital, the bell is just the beginning – the beginning of your life after cancer.

Live well with cancer

Live Well with Cancer is a disease management program built around you. This program takes place at the East Jefferson General Hospital Wellness Center and is designed to fit your needs at every phase of your cancer journey, providing safe and effective exercise training, support groups, and therapies for the mind, body, and soul.

Support groups and services

Our survivorship program includes support from other survivors in its wide array of programs to assist you in your quest for optimal health. There is a very real camaraderie among those who have battled cancer and won. Attending a support group is a great way for you to meet with others who have been where you are and where you are going. Call 504.584.8010 for more information.

To Learn more about our survivorship programs, use the links below:

Integrative or complementary therapies

East Jefferson General Hospital offers a wide range of therapies that can be beneficial, even enjoyable, long after you have completed your treatments. Therapeutic massage, yoga, guided imagery, and other therapies have proven effective at helping you stay well. Call our Cancer Care Navigators at 504.503.6000 for more information.

Patient services

Cancer Care Navigator

In 2007, East Jefferson General Hospital introduced the first ever Cancer Care Navigator program in our region.

This highly personalized approach has proved to be immensely helpful to patients. Once diagnosed, cancer patients enter a world of unfamiliar terminologies, appointments, treatments, and medications. The navigator's function is to eliminate the mystery and uncertainty of care and help streamline the process so all the patient has to think about is getting well.

Your cancer journal

Cancer patients at East Jefferson General Hospital are given a cancer journey journal. This journal is a valuable tool. It contains vital information that will help demystify the processes you are about to undergo. It also gives you ample space to recount your experiences and store important papers throughout your cancer battle.

Resource library

Located in our beautiful and spacious Yenni Treatment Center, we have computer resources available for you to learn all you wish to know about your disease and treatments.

Integrative medicine

These more holistic therapies are designed to work hand-in-hand with traditional treatments such as chemotherapy to aid in your healing. Aromatherapy, art therapy, music therapy, guided imagery, massage, and other therapies all enhance our ability to provide the most healing experience possible.

Guest Services

The East Jefferson General Hospital Guest Services department, located on the first floor near the main lobby, is open Monday through Friday to answer your questions and help resolve your concerns. Our goal is for every patient and guest to have a positive experience. Please call 504.503.4837 to speak to a liaison.

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