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Touro Surgeon Performs Area's Only Robotic Pulmonary Lobectomy

Touro is now offering the Robotic Pulmonary Lobectomy using da Vinci®, an innovative robotic surgical tool, for lung cancer patients who must undergo surgery to remove cancerous lung tumors. Bringing the Robotic Lobectomy to Touro was spearheaded by thoracic surgeon, Dr. Eugene Kukuy. Touro is currently the only hospital in the New Orleans metro area utilizing this innovative technology.

Using a few small incisions and a 3D high-definition visual system, da Vinci® allows surgeons to access the problem area better, lending itself to a cleaner tumor dissection and more accurate technique. It can be utilized during any stage of lung cancer; however, its efficacy is determined on a case-by-case basis. It’s a minimally invasive alternative to thoracoscopy and open surgery, which often leaves a long, painful incision. Smaller incisions mean a shorter post-operation hospital stay, less pain, and healthier recovery.

“It’s the future and it’s proven itself to be a useful tool and I think it will eventually be involved in a lot of surgeries,” says Dr. Kukuy. “It’s an important development and innovative step for the hospital and our patients.”

Not only is it advantageous for patients, but it also alleviates the bodily stress on surgeons, who usually must stand for hours at a time while in surgery. While the surgeon is 100% in control during the process, the robotic arms provide a broader range of motion and take away the shake and tremor naturally occurring in human hands.

The robotic lobectomy is another specialized part of Touro’s cancer services, bringing patients both comprehensive and personalized care from diagnosis to treatment, to survivorship.