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Pain Management

For most people, any pain from breast cancer treatment is temporary and goes away after treatment ends. Some people, however, can have pain for longer periods of time. The goal of pain management is to give the most pain control with the least amount of therapy (to limit side effects).

Why is pain management important?

Pain control is always important. Throughout your care, you should never hesitate to let your health care provider know about any pain or discomfort you have. Pain is not the same for everyone. People who have similar therapy can react differently, with some feeling more pain than others. You should never think pain is simply a part of your treatment and that you should be strong and endure it. Even when pain is mild, it can interfere with daily life and make other side effects, such as fatigue, seem worse. Let your health care provider(s) know about any pain or discomfort you have.

Pain is usually easier to treat when you first have it. Waiting until pain is severe before seeking relief can make it harder to control and may require more medication. That is why it is so important to talk with your provider about any pain you have. Sometimes, treatment plans can be changed to reduce painful side effects.

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SOURCE: Susan G. Komen Foundation