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How to talk about your diagnosis

Talking about breast cancer can be hard, especially after getting the diagnosis. You might be feeling scared of the cancer and fear of the unknown road ahead. It is hard to have a conversation with your loved ones, but experts at Susan G. Komen offer some help.

Talking with your partner

Helplessness and fear may be felt by both you and your partner, and that is completely normal. As human beings, we all need support from others and it is important to understand that it is okay to ask your partner for help. If you do have trouble speaking with your partner, reach out to another member of your family or team, or consider couples support groups.

Talking with your children

Harder still may be to have the conversation with your kids. In the end, regardless of expert opinions, you know your child or children the best, and are the most qualified person to decide how to have the conversation. When you do decide to have that conversation, here are some ideas to help you through the way.

  • Encourage your children to ask you questions.
  • Explain anything that impacts their daily routine.
  • Consider talking to your children’s teachers.
  • Allow your children to be your source of support as you are to them.
  • Consider talking to your daughter about inherited risk and her options.

To learn more about talking with your children, your partner, and even your doctors, click here to visit the Susan G. Komen website for resources and educational material.