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Hidden Scar Treatment

Touro Infirmary and Dr. John Colfry are proud to offer our patients Hidden Scar™ surgeries, an innovative and empowering approach to mastectomies and lumpectomies. Through these advanced approaches, cancerous breast tissue is removed with a single incision. The utilization of this approach minimizes scarring and preserves a natural looking breast.

What are Hidden Scar™ surgeries?

Hidden Scar surgeries utilize single incision approaches to remove cancerous tissue from the breast. Qualification for the surgery depends on a patient’s tumor size, location, and breast tissue. There are two forms of this surgery that Dr. Colfry performs; a mastectomy and a lumpectomy.

With the mastectomy, an incision is made typically beneath the breast and the underlying breast tissue is removed. As a result, the nipple and breast skin are preserved. With a lumpectomy, a single incision is placed in one of three areas of the breast before the tumor and area around the tumor are removed. With this approach, the tissue of the breast that is non-cancerous remains.

Is there a difference between traditional approaches and Hidden Scar™?

Patients who undergo these approaches compared to traditional mastectomies or lumpectomies are at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other technique.

Why would I choose the Hidden Scar™ approach?

When going through breast cancer and surgery, scars matter. Scars may have an impact on confidence, intimacy, and body image.

  • 72% of women are unhappy with the location of their scars
  • 76% of women did not realize the impact that her surgery scars would have on her when someone else sees her undressed.
  • 87% of women feel self-conscious or uncomfortable due to their scars.
  • 82% of women have not worn particular pieces of clothing due to concern or the fact that it reveals her scars.

The goal of the Hidden Scar approach to improve the emotional and psychological recovery during and after treatment. Studies show that scars may impact women negatively especially in regards to quality of life and personal views.

Additional questions about the Hidden Scar surgeries now being performed by Dr. Colfry at Touro Infirmary? Give our team a call at 504-325-2900 or visit our Touro Website to learn more about your options.