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What is a nurse navigator?

Your cancer care team will be important during the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. In fact, it can seem like your team is extensive and overwhelming. You might have radiologists, surgeons, reconstruction specialists, nurses, anesthesiologists, oncologists, and pain management specialists. But one of the critical team members of your cancer team is a nurse navigator.

What is a nurse navigator?

A nurse navigator is a medical staff member who serves as a patient advocate and whose primary responsibility is to assist patients with the diagnosis, treatment and cancer education. From the moment that a patient receives their diagnosis, the nurse navigator can help educate the patient about the disease and treatment options. By serving as educators, they ensure patients understand their treatment process and offer emotional support as well as information about local support groups. The nurse navigator can take on a more administrative role as well by addressing issues that may occur like transportation, scheduling appointments, or understanding insurance costs.

Why is a nurse navigator important for my care?

It is hard to go through breast cancer. Nurse navigators are a continuous resource and can help make the system a little less complex. Unlike a physician who may be involved with just one aspect of your care, a nurse navigator will continue to provide help and support throughout a patient’s cancer care journey.

Where can I find a nurse navigation team?


Touro Infirmary is proud to have a nurse navigator on our Supportive Cancer Center team. We believe it is a positive and important addition to our comprehensive cancer care. Danielle McCullogh, RN, BSN, is an experienced and compassionate nurse navigator who works towards ensuring all her patients have a support team and meaningful experience.

To learn more about our cancer care center or to work with our Nurse Navigator, please call 504-897-8678 or click here.