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Where hearts get back to the rhythm of life

Touro is known for providing life-saving care for more than 167 years. Touro has been pioneering Heart Care in New Orleans since we opened our doors in 1852. Since the late 19th century, Touro has been at the heart of innovative cardiac and blood vessel surgery with a string of medical “firsts” including performing New Orleans’ first open heart surgery.

Using diagnostic equipment to help save lives

We believe that every patient deserves an approach that’s tailor-made for them. We know that some patients benefit from surgical intervention, while others respond better to alternative treatments. That’s why, while providing the latest in advanced vascular treatment and technology through EKGs, echocardiography, and other tools, we always take into consideration all we know about you in order to help you achieve your best outcome.

Where standards are taken to heart

Touro believes in delivering the highest standards of care to each patient, whether we’re simply helping them make better decisions for heart and vascular health or deciding on the best treatment options. We don’t take the trust you have in us lightly. You can feel comfortable knowing we’re invested in your care, so much so, that we voluntarily undergo rigorous surveys and reviews comparable to the best heart care programs nationwide.

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