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Do this today, succeed tomorrow

  • Category: General Health
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  • Written By: Jennifer Driver, MD
Do this today, succeed tomorrow

Stuck in a rut at work? Sometimes we get so caught up in daily tasks we forget that what we do today influences our performance tomorrow. Here are a few actions business experts suggest that can help keep you active, energized, and creative now while making sure you’re headed toward future success.

1. Write it down. List your tasks, review them before your shift ends, and check off completed items. You’ll see how much you’ve accomplished and get set for the next day.

2. Connect with coworkers. Spend a few moments each day appreciating your team, even if it’s just a “Thanks for getting that last call” or “Have a great evening!” before you head out.

3. Relax. Every day, set aside a few short blocks of downtime. These can include a few moments of deep breathing, a quick walk, or listening to music. Whatever you choose, experts say micro-vacations help keep you refreshed and creative.

4. Snack better. Don’t let the vending machine suck you in. Stock your space with healthier choices so you won’t be tempted by excessive sugar or caffeine. Drink plenty of water, too.

5. Set goals. Setting goals can help you maintain forward momentum. While obvious ones might involve additional certifications or titles, even smaller ones like “I will leave on time tomorrow” are worthy of setting and celebrating.

6. Eliminate nonessentials. Learn to say no to tasks that don’t move you toward your larger goals. You’ll be freed up for tasks that do and reach your goals that much faster.

7. Seek support. To make sure new success strategies become habits, enlist the help of coworkers who are on similar paths. You’ll help keep one another on course.

Jennifer Driver was born and raised in New Orleans. For undergrad, she attended University of New Orleans where she majored in biology. After college, she spent a couple years dabbling in research and received both a Master of Science in Pharmacology and her MD from Tulane. She loves Family Medicine for its breadth of scope of practice, emphasis on prevention, and continuity of care. She is currently a Family Medicine Physician for Crescent City Physicians, Inc.