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Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation in New Orleans

At Touro, we’re dedicated to helping you move forward after your cancer treatment. Our cancer rehabilitation program is for patients who have undergone treatment for cancer and will help you return to activities of daily living. We know your cancer journey can be challenging, and your quality of life may be affected by physical, emotional, and social issues. Our cancer rehabilitation program is designed to improve function, decrease pain, and improve your well-being as a cancer survivor. Your rehab program will be designed to meet your individual needs based on the type of cancer and treatment you had. The active involvement of you and your loved ones is vital for your success. Cancer rehabilitation can manage pain, improve nutritional status, bowel and bladder function, physical conditioning, endurance, exercise performance, and social, cognitive, emotional, and vocational status, as well as reducing hospitalizations. The side effects and after-effects of cancer treatment can be difficult on your mind and body. Cancer rehabilitation can help you, and we encourage you to learn more rather than accepting your symptoms.

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Effectively treating Lymphedema

Severe swelling of the arm can result from the normal drainage pattern in the lymph nodes being disturbed or damaged. This can happen as the result of surgery to remove the lymph nodes or from radiation. The swelling of the arm is referred to as lymphedema and is caused by an excess amount of fluid. Swelling may occur in the arm, chest, and breast area on the side that your surgery was on. Women are at a higher risk of lymphedema, which can occur up to years later. Our comprehensive lymphedema treatment program allows patients to work with an occupational therapist in an outpatient setting.

A physician referral for Occupational Therapy Lymphedema is needed before therapy can begin. For additional information on referring a patient to our lymphedema treatment program, please call us at 504.897.7827.

Proud to offer Anodyne Therapy

We’re proud to be the only Louisiana hospital to offer anodyne therapy for cancer rehabilitation. This therapy uses a unique pattern of light that stimulates the body to increase local blood circulation. It’s effective at providing pain relief as well as relief from the numbness and “pins and needles” feelings from the side effects of chemo-induced neuropathy. Many patients who have undergone anodyne therapy report an improved quality of life as well as an increase in their daily life activities.

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