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Helping cancer survivors in New Orleans

Touro is dedicated to providing cancer survivors with the support they need to readjust to life after cancer treatment. Whether you recently completed cancer treatment or are a long-term survivor, we provide resources to help you transition from treatment to recovery. Our cancer survivorship program has helped many people finish their cancer journey. Our survivorship program offers cancer survivors access to experienced oncology providers as well as support services, wellness initiatives, and a large support community.

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Patient support offerings

Through our program, cancer patients can take advantage of:

  • Nutrition guides
  • Psychology, social work, and spiritual counseling
  • Pain management resources
  • Customized physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • Smoking cessation resources
  • Complimentary support group meetings

Helping you get a fresh start in life

Touro is here for you even when your cancer journey is finished. It’s time to get a fresh start and live your life to the fullest. We’re happy to count you as a cancer survivor.

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Additional patient resources

For your benefit, Touro has compiled a list of books and resources that may be of assistance while you transition from treatment to recovery.

Take a look at our upcoming survivorship events.

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