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Quality cancer treatment options

Starting your cancer treatment journey can be confusing and requires a collaborative effort between you and your doctors. At Touro, we believe in educating our patients and providing them with the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions about their treatment options. Once you’ve discussed your options with your doctor, you’ll play an integral role in your own cancer treatment. Our goal is to help you feel empowered and comfortable along your journey.

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Before cancer treatment

Before you begin your cancer treatment, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Decide how much you want to know

We realize that some patients want to know all the details of their cancer treatment as well as their chances of survival. Other patients prefer not to know a lot about their treatment. Think about what would make you the most comfortable and let your doctor know before you begin your treatment.

Choose who will make decisions about your treatment

Some cancer patients prefer to let their doctors make all the decisions for them, while others like being more involved and making some of those decisions.

You should maintain realistic expectations

Each type of cancer treatment has benefits and side effects. Be honest with yourself regarding what you are willing to go through and what will make you comfortable or uncomfortable.

You can make your own decisions

You shouldn’t feel pressured to choose a specific treatment option. Do your homework and select the options that make you feel the most comfortable and content.

You should be willing to accept help

You’ll need support and assistance throughout your journey. Don’t be afraid to accept help from your doctors, family, and friends along the way.

Cancer treatment goals & communication

We’re here to help you set realistic goals for your cancer treatment. While some patients have a cure as their goal, others set their sights on controlling their cancer.

  • Set a goal for yourself. Your goals will influence your decisions regarding choosing a treatment option.
  • Make an effort to feel comfortable asking questions. At Touro, we believe in the value of open and honest communication. We want you to be comfortable asking questions and speaking up.
  • Ask for clarification if your doctor ever tells you something you don’t understand.
  • Write down the questions you have in advance. A friend or family member can also help you remember to ask questions at your appointments.

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